Workers Compensation Insurance


Workers’ compensation coverage protects both your business and your best business asset your people. If your employees have a workplace injury or illness, your workers’compensation policy will:

1) Pay for medical care reasonably required to treat the worker’s compensable injury or illness.

2) Replace a portion of income lost due to compensable injury or illness.

3) Offer you legal protection for damages resulting from the incident.

If a workplace incident results In an employee’s death, workers’ compensation insurance will reimburse actual burial costs up
to $10,000 and pay income benefits to qualifying dependents. The cost of workers’ compensation is determined by your
payroll and the risk level of the jobs you are paying employees to do, and your company’s safety record. Rates in Texas have
decreased by 63% since 2005, according to the Texas Department of Insurance, making workers’ comp costs lower than ever.


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