We are here to answer your questions

We are here to answer your questions

That is because the price is customized for everyone, it depends on your area code, the value of your car, your age, your driving history, the type of personal identification, marital status, the sex of the drivers, the different discounts that apply to each person etc.

That would be because the price of insurance in Texas not only depend on all of the above, but also on the money that companies pay out in claims to all customers in general and many other different factors, such as natural disasters, lack of car chips due to a pandemic, etc.

Yes, by law the minimum liability insurance is up to $30,000 for damage to a single person, up to $60,000 for damages to a group of people and up to $25,000 for damage to property. 

What are the benefits of having it? No, it is not mandatory, but it covers you at the time of a lawsuit for a poorly done job or an accident in the job location.

The basic coverage is for generally natural disasters (fire, hail, storm, tornadoes etc.) and can add other extra coverages if you decide and the wider coverage offered, it has the basics plus the value of your property can be increased, theft and more.

No, flood insurance has to be purchased apart. It is a completely different policy from that of house or business building.

No, the only ones responsible for handling your claims are the insurance company’s claims department.

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