Auto Insurance


Coverage offered

– Liability.

– SR-22 Filings.

– Non-owner coverage.

– Uninsured and Underinsurance.

– Comprehensive.

– Collision and other than collision.

– Rental Reimbursement and Towing and Labor only written on vehicles covered for Collision and Other than Collision coverage.



– Multi-Car Discount.

– Prior Coverage Discount.

– Homeowners Discount​.

– EFT Payments.

Do you have one more than vehicle in the policy? You may eligible for discount, ask your representative for details. Homeowner and Prior Coverage Discount applies only if the proof of prior coverage is obtained at the time of the sale.


Different Options

– Month to Month Policy with liability only (with or without Driver license).

– Six month policy with liability and Com/Coll and more (with or with our Driver license).

– Annual policies with liability and Com/Coll and more (with or with our Driver license).


With collision coverage, we pay to repair any damages done to your car either when you hit another vehicle or when your vehicle has beeen hit by another vehicle or by an object, you choose a deductible, typically from $250 up to $1000.