Mexico Insurance

When you drive into Mexico, your American or Canadian Insurance policy is not valid. The Mexican government will not recognize foreign insurance.

Basic Coverages

Collision: Covers loss or damage sustained by the vehicle as consequence of collisions and upsets and glass breakage.

Comprehensive or Total Theft: Covers loss or damage sustained by the vehicle as consequence of total theft, fire, lightning and explosion, cyclone, hurricane, hail, earthquake, volcanic eruption, avalanche, land or rock slide, collapse or fall of constructions, buildings, structures or other objects, falling trees or the branches thereof and flood, lockouts, strikes, meetings, popular riots and insurrections.

Third Party Liability (Property Damage & Bodily Injury): Covers legal liability of the Insured or any person who uses the insured vehicle with the Insured's express or tacit permission, and as a consequence of such use, causes third party property damage, bodily injury or death. Beware of other Mexico insurance companies who use split limits, I.E. 40/80/40. Split limits reduce the amount of payment for certain types of losses.

Medical Expenses-Occupants: Covers the payment of Medical Expenses for hospitalization, medicine, medical care, nurses, ambulance service and funeral expenses originating from bodily injury that the Insured or any occupant of the vehicle sustains in an accident occurring while they are within the compartment or cabin assigned for the transportation of persons.

Legal Assistance: Provides the driver of the vehicle or policyholder with the professional services of lawyers, 24 hours a day during the policy term for legal assistance and representation before the corresponding Mexican authorities.